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We are based in Dorp street, adjacent to Medi Clinic Panorama. We have respect for the dignity of our patients and colleagues and have a desire to always exceed expectations. We genuinely care for our patients’ needs without favouritism. We strive towards excellence in whatever we do for, and present to our patients, including treatments, information and advice. Our team is well trained and keep up to date by regularly attending national & international lectures and workshops.

Dedicated Patient Care

34 Years of Experience

Variety of Expertise

Our History

The practice was started in 1984 in Durbanville by Lizet van der Merwe and moved to Panorama in 1990. Heleen Groenewald joined the practice in 2002 and became a partner in 2010. Our practice has a proud history of service excellence and has been instrumental in improving many peoples’ quality of life. The dedication and devotion of a formidable team of physiotherapists have been the key to 30 years of service to the community.

What Physiotherapy is & why you should choose us

“Physiotherapy improves your physical condition by restoring normal body functions and prevents disability that may arise from disease, trauma or injury. Your physiotherapist has a thorough understanding of how the body works gained from many years of rigorous academic study and practical experience. Physiotherapy encompasses posture, balance and movement, knowledge of diseases, injury and the healing process.”
(South African Society of Physiotherapy)

Physiotherapists are first line practitioners, which means we can see patients without a doctor’s referral. However, we work in close collaboration with GPs, radiologists and other specialists and will refer a patient if our assessment indicates such referral. We evaluate and treat all kinds of musculo-skeletal (such as back and neck pain, sports injuries, fractures), neurological (such as strokes), respiratory (such as asthma, pneumonia) and other (such as vertigo, incontinence) disorders and pain, using a variety of techniques and principles. The aim is to assess, diagnose, treat and educate the patient to understand his/her problem and to optimize function and mobility and to prevent re-injuries.

Services offered:

Pain management | Women’s health | Dry needling | Paediatrics | Neuro rehab | Back rehab | Antenatal pilates

Physiotherapists use a wide range of techniques, tailored to suit your individual needs.
Some of these are:

Manual therapies – such as massage, stretching, manual resistance training, and joint mobilisation and manipulation, including spinal mobilisation.

Electrotherapy techniques – such as ultrasound,interferencial currents, EMS, laser therapy and heat.

Exercise programs – such as posture retraining, muscle strengthening, cardiovascular training and stretching and sport rehabilitation. We  present Pilates programs during pregnancy, as well as generally on a one on one basis.

Respiratory & cardiopulmonary rehabilitation – long & short term management.

Geriatrics – Rehabilitation of the elderly patient using stretching, mobilisation and balance exercise.

Pediatrics chest problems

Panorama Primary School – services available on site for learners, teachers, and parents.

Dry needling – use of fine acupuncture needles into trigger pionts or tight muscle bands to “reset” the muscle and allowing it to return to full strength and range of movement.

Other services – taping and splinting, correcting flawed sporting techniques, and providing information on equipment aids such as wheelchairs and walking frames.

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Our physiotherapy practice is located in Panorama, Cape Town.

T  021 930 6040
 086 522 0514

24 Dorp street, Panorama 7500

email: fisio@global.co.za

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